Friday, February 10, 2006

Olympia, pour me a drink

We're all gettin our straight drink on and watchin the 'limpic openin' ceremonials on the tee vee here in our crib while the tub heats up. We had the very fine Chinese take out from Ten Fu about a couple hours ago and so we'll be hungry in a little while but we'll be too buzzed to get the little boxes out of the fridge-izzle.

I got my cool jazz shoes. They're like black leather socks with little sole pieces. I'm pretty sure they'll turn me into a latter day Lee Trevino or whatever that famous dancer guy's name was that danced singing'ed in the rain. I look fabulous in them.

Rehearsal last night was fun. I found out that I stand in one place and pour wine for almost the whole number, then me and another knight pick up the lead. Sweet!

Tomorrow night I get to be killed in a murder mystery dinner! Woo HOO! The whole thing is about two hours of improv mixing with the crowd then telling them I am taking over their company and moving it to some horrid locale. Then I get poisoned. Better yet, I get paid enough to cover the Chinese food!


Anonymous said...

Who killed you?


Unknown said...

One of the guests at the party, so he could get me out of the way and put the moves on my fiancee (played by my friend Mary).

I had a very nice steak and free drinks in the bargain. :-)

Anonymous said...

I've got to figure out a way to get in on these things. Unfortunately, nobody wants my skills(?) Imagine that!