Friday, August 11, 2006

House of Mouse Extended Dance Mix

Somewhat of a marathon today, fourteen and a half hours in the park. We are in training for tomorrow when we open the park at 7 AM and close it at Midnight, 17 hours. We are getting our money's worth here people. We did take a little break in the middle to go swimming here at the hotel.

Had a fabulous lunch at The Blue Bayou, rode all the rides we could get onto and basically had a really great day. We were right between the Dumbo ride and the carousel for the fireworks show, which is launched from two sites which we were in between! We kept swiveling our heads to see. It was really loud and close and awesome. The we waited more than 30 minutes to get onto Peter Pan then waited 0 minutes and 0 seconds to get onto Star Tours.

Here is today's picture. Tell me where it's from to get the prize.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know what ride it is, but I'm pretty sure they're the mermaids from Peter Pan, so I'm guessing there's some ride that involves Peter Pan?