Monday, August 07, 2006

New Californian Workshop

Well, I'm not Norm Abrams but I did use a router on this project. This table started out as a kida funky weathered picnic table that we've had for like 20 years, most of it spent in the weather. I took off the criss-cross legs with wheels and made a proper pedestal and sanded the last 20 years worth of weather off the top. The pedestal is hollow inside so it holds up the umbrella. A little marine spar varnish and voila, (not quite so) instant pretty table.

Check out how HUGE the plants are getting. Cool.


Anonymous said...

Bob, you're so handy. The table looks fabulous. The only thing missing from this picture is (.)(.)

Anonymous said...

Wow, that looks great! The only thing missing is a margarita as big as your head!