Thursday, January 18, 2007


I had fabulous interview today with M², a consulting company. They connect consultants (me) with clients ($) and handle all the unpleasantness like billing and marketing and taxes and scope containment and all that grownup stuff. They have a contract opportunity that looks to be tailor-made for yours truly with a well known company that isn't a ridiculously long drive away.

Let's just say the name rhymes with "Steve-O".

IF the client likes my résumé and IF they like me in the subsequent interview, I'll be on board there as a consultant for at least six months. It would be a great gig on several fronts, and I would gain very marketable Six Sigma skills in an industry that is very different from my background. That in itself would be a plus as I seek to move into the med device industry at some point.

The work surrounds multimedia advertising production, and my decades of experience in theatre coupled with my process excellence skills make me an attractive fit as far as the consulting company sees it. Plus they are a well respected and savvy company so their opinion is meaningful to the client company. Further, they have had no luck in finding just the right consultant for the contract, except ME.

So I have a better than even chance at landing this, and as we all know that would be cool.

Oh yeah, the compensation is >50% more than what I was making when I left GMI, PLUS full health benefits and matched 401k. Natch.


Unknown said...

Go Bob! Go Bob!

Kate Schmidt said...

As soon as you find out who you'd be interviewing with, LET ME KNOW and I'll make some calls and see if I still have any clout at Steve-O.