Friday, March 16, 2007

Even more fun

Work just gets better as I go.

First, they actually paid me. It feels ever so craptastic to watch your home equity line of credit rise each month by about what you used to be making. Getting paid puts a stop to that icky going-into-even-yet-more-debt feeling.

It is finally dawning on me just how much say I have in how the manufacturing operation is run. My boss is very supportive and clearly wants me to put a much more rational system of processes in place. The fellows who had set things up before are really great guys, but I soundly disagree with the approach they took.

It was based on traceability and regulatory requirements from the medical industry and relies very heavily on paper files with lots and lots of hand written signatures and numbers. These fellows haven't had to do failure analysis based on data, nor manage configuration data in a search-able way. They also come from a culture where the risk of failing meant someone died and sued you out of business because of a clerical error.

We had a nice long discussion today where I was able to convince my colleagues that I have a better, a much better, way of operating.

I know, I know. "Bob, you are becoming a conceited megalomaniac!" I stay on the lookout for that.

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Anonymous said...

I think you have to be there for more than a week before anyone can accuse you of megalomania.