Saturday, March 10, 2007

I So Rock

Once again, I'm part of someplace where I can really make a difference. Even a week and a half into it there is a lot of novelty. So far I still like everyone, though the document control person seems to imagine that she has a better grip on the system than she really does.

There are several projects afoot. I am cutting my teeth on transferring a product to China by finishing the process definition and documentation for a replacement part that has but nine components. The original procedure has like 15 pages and a passel of pictures but fails to convey what is really important. It's nice to be needed.

Then there are some systems that need serious attention. The document change process is far too complicated for its own good. The system for keeping records of what was built is also a mess. Once again, nice to be needed.

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Anonymous said...

That's got to be a great feeling.