Sunday, March 23, 2008


  1. My neighbor Jacque passed away. He was ill for a long time. His wife passed away a few years ago. They were both really nice. His son was one of two Air Force pilots who died a few years back when their Lear jet malfunctioned. They heroically managed to steer their stricken plane away from an apartment building as they were crashing. Jacque and Liz bought the house new in 1949. So long Jacque. We'll miss you.
  2. I need a nap.
  3. This morning I installed the lights in the umbrella. They only cost about $8 but they took an hour to install. They'll be the bees knees. (On special request see photo above.)
  4. Happy Easter!
  5. We have no idea how to select wine. We had to Phone A Friend while we were shopping last night. It was sad.
  6. I'm thinking more about that nap.
  7. I think I'm gonna buy a laptop soon. Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

Lights in an umbrella? Elaborate with pictures, please.

Kate Schmidt said...

MacBook Pro. It's time to switch, dude.