Sunday, March 16, 2008

Wherein I blog instead of garden

The blogger WYSIWYG interface for handling pictures blows is challenging, but I'll give this a go anyway.

On Friday, Clohe (on the left there) came over to Bad, or rather Good Movie Night and subsequently said she had a very nice time.

The next day we drove to Alameda for the St George rehearsal/meeting/party

A good time was afoot.

As you can see.

No, really.

I'm absolutely serious.

Honest, we were working on our Elizabethan characters.

And it was totally enriching!

Eventually we relaxed

and had a few laughs.

Then we got right back to work.

All of us.

While Andy stayed home and got ready for an evening out with friends.


Anonymous said...

You shouldn't be serious all the time, Bob. All work and no play isn't good for you. You should have some fun every now and then.

Anonymous said...

You sure have some good-lookin' children. where did they come from?


Unknown said...

Peggy, if I told you where they came from you wouldn't believe me.