Monday, March 09, 2009

Now back from my trip to Antarctica

It's Summer there, you know. Downright tropical. Almost sweaty.

Uh, really I was just all busy and crap.

Oh yeah, my fivefour year blogaversary Is in five days. I was so kerflempt I forgot to blog - or I was busy.

Let's see...

No new pets this week.
Sharon is up to her neck in work - they said ten to twenty hours a week, it's been more like five to ten hours a day for a week. Needs less to say her relaxo time has been hoovered up like cookies at a PTA meeting.
Work has been going great. Except for the lumpy sales pattern.

I have been working since Friday on a show called, Shakespeare Goes to Gravel Gulch. It is (duh) a children's show produced by San Carlos Children's Theatre. It's quite good.

This time I'm the Tech Director. This means I get to make stuff work. Up til tonight everything was perfect. Then tonight, the light board operator had taken home the cues and forgotten them, the video feed broke, and the headsets didn't get charged. Other than that it was great. We even figured out how to move the 250 pound stage extensions.

You see, the play is being done at Heather School in San Carlos. Every school night, everything that is in front of the proscenuim that isn't part of the Multi Use Room has to get struck... Speakers, cables, sound board, amplifier, light board, video camera, video monitor in the green room, and worst of all - the 250 pound stage extension pieces that sit on the steps up to the stage.

Now we aren't allowed to attach them in any way. They just have to sit there. So each one is weighted. With 150 pounds of sand. In bags. My back hurts just thinking about it.

The show opens Friday - Come see it, it's only $10!

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Anonymous said...

Yay! You're alive! I have decided that we need to move to California. It's obviously where all the action is happening.