Wednesday, March 14, 2012

No taxation without administration

Taxes are complicated, no matter what they tell you.  If you run a wee business from your house, or if you finally scrape up enough dough and elbow grease to get a place in the woods that you can rent out, you can be sure that you will be soon digging for the numerical answers to numerous inquiries so you can enter them in the magical software that makes sense of all of it, does all the math, and checks your work.

I don't mind paying as much as I mind filing.


Rydell Downward said...

Y'know, there are people who will do all that messy tax work for you. I don't mind paying them.

Fezziwig said...

I find that the hard part is just gathering the information, even when we do manage to keep it all in one place.

I'd really prefer a true flat tax. take 10% of the gross income of everybody, no exemptions, deductions or adjustments. you make money, you pay taxes. and 10% make the math do so easy, a third grader can do it. (even in California)