Friday, October 09, 2015

And as I was saying

In which we breathe life into an old paper bag that used to hold cheap Halloween candy.

Looking at the dates over there, it's been awhile since I've been here to confessional. So, and knowing full well I have used this writer's device before, let's recap.

This isn't about the news. It's about what's in my mind. Let me assure you that you, gentle reader, nor anyone else will ever fully know what's on my mind. You will know what I can put into words, and what my physical actions can say about me, but in my mind - and I suppose yours too - lives a maelstrom of thoughts so complex and intricate that they will never really come out or be fully understood. Even when I am at my most focused and eloquent, I cannot force out that much of all of the things that are happening in my mind. I have always experienced my consciousness in this way, at least as well as I can remember. I can only imagine it is the same for most everyone; science help us if I'm wrong.

So in that vein I want to try to share with you some - but certainly not all - of my thoughts. Kinda one at a time but bear with me on the thoughts that are like conjoined twins.

I started this blog in 2005 because it seemed like a cool thing to do and a friend of mine who wrote well had one. I wanted to emulate her so I started writing it on a lark. Not an actual lark; it was actually on a computer - larks fly off. I found that I really liked writing so I kept at it. Writing is creative and if you are an attention whore like I am and you are good at writing, people who like your creativity in writing give you attention.

So 10+ years along, I'm still an attention whore. I am getting better at it, which may be helpful for the planet or not. It's fun. Please leave lots of comments, which are the gold coins of attention whoredom.

Usually at this point in the post, I forget what I was writing at the top of the post. The Blogger interface has improved so I can see more of it. That's a relief. I don't understand how people can just tweet 140 characters. I'm witty, but not that witty. And I have poor memory for a lot of things like events, and dates, and chronology, and I forget what else.

Because the post to this point has no actual content, I'd better get on with actually saying something(s). Let's start with government or religion or something else light.

Like cancer. Our white cat has cancer. There's a tumor under her tongue which is mechanically interfering with the function of her tongue. If you have a cat you can probably guess how important having a tongue is to a cat. It's basically the index finger they do everything with, most importantly for her human slaves masters, bathe themselves. If your index finger was your only means of bathing and you ate by plunging your hairy face into stinky cat food, and your index finger was sprained, let's just say, you would stink. Like cat food, and drool (the doctor's report calls it "hypersalivation") that you can't lick back into your misshapen mouth. That had got stuck in your fur. And kinda dry-rotted.

No problemo, just bathe the cat yourself. Daily. Cats LOVE baths. They love them so much that during the bath they may begin to sing the songs of their people and bury their claw in your index finger. Needless to say there are towels all over our furniture so that the aroma does not embed itself in the fabric like Bernard Shaw in Baghdad.

I really like being naked. I wish it was more socially acceptable. #random

What the hell is wrong with the ultra-right faction of the GOP? Do they actually want to govern for the betterment of all of the people or are they just so mad about [insert something here] that they have just become lost in some permanent tantrum? And all of this trash talk about "taking back our country"; who the actual fuck are they taking it back from.

And religion, generally, is just fine. It gives you comfort or a sense of [insert something here]. Cool. It makes you feel good about you and your fellow humans, or maybe understand and forgive them in some way that makes sense in your mind. Wonderful.

What about all of the killing, and the "Nuh uh! You can't live like that, freak!" and "You have to obey 'my rules' that me and my friends say are 'God's law'!" What the hell are you on about people?!? I have tons of great friends who are religious and they never come and tell me that my atheist 'soul' is going to burn in Hell, or that I am somehow subhuman, or that I can't even be around them and not pray while they pray. I never hear that they are coming to kill me with Kalashnikovs. What makes some people murder and destroy civilization because of differences about creation myths, or how to pray? I must be too dense to get this.

I'm going to stop writing now so you can get on with the comments, AKA: Gold Coins of Attention Whoredom™.


howeird said...

You deserve more gold coins.
Not much content this time, but what there is I'll take a stab at. politics has become the nesting place of the power hungry/greedy. All it takes to get elected is $$, and all it takes to get $$ is a promise of ROI.

If you are pretty, it helps. Gavin Newsom is a great example. This mayor screws the wife of his best friend/advisor and instead of resigning in shame, he manages to force his best friend to resign. And then he gets elected Lt. Gov. Kamala Harris is another example. She abandons a position which is in a shambles wjen one of her lab techs has messed up about 600 cases, and Harris gets elected state AG. And now both of them are looking to move up another notch.

The Tea Party is a bad joke. Each of those people is in it for himself, and as long as they get paid and free health care... a huge part of the joke was their mailing tea bags to the White House, when any one with a wee bit of 1776 knowledge would have mailed crates of loose tea.

I like Donald Trump. He's a great showman, he doesn't resort to cue cards, and he has a way of making sound bites which the Media chokes on. I agree with some of the things he says, disagree with others, but I never have to guess. I like Bernie Sanders, who is too smart to not use cue cards, and he's learning how to be a good showman, which is tough for someone with a life of integrity.

Sharmaine said...

You are an attention whore, just like your entire family.
But really, you gotta work on the content.
We want the raving hilarity of a really true embarrassing story, or the deep raw sadness of a moment that floats away with the morning light. We also don't much care that you like to be naked. That was just random.
However, its good to see you applying yourself.
I think I will need to start a blog soon myself, being your older sibling in attention whoredom. However, since my passion leans to the physical and psychological mixed into things like pushing out babies, I think I will call it something like "Last minute childbirth for procrastinators" or something like that.
Love you bro.