Thursday, February 09, 2006

Summertime and the livin is easy

Well it was like 75 degrees with blue skies here today and I had planned to take off work this afternoon. What a great idea! (Too bad you're in the cold there Grace. But let's be honest, I'm just rubbing it in.) I'm sure we'll have an earthquake soon just to even things out.

I did a little shopping for jazz shoes* (*jazz shoes are leather shoes made special for dancing, with two separate sole pieces (one at the balls of your feet, one at the heel) so your foot can flex easily while you dance) for Once Upon A Mattress.

I wanted to get them today because I danced for three hours last night learning the Spanish Panic, a made-up dance in the show. I quickly ditched my regular shoes and danced in my socks for a while, until I started sliding around too much then I went barefoot. Today my feet were pretty unhappy and we have three more hours of dance rehearsal tonight. Hmmm. I'm gonna dance in cross-trainers (aka tennis shoes) tonight just so I don't have hurty feet tomorrow.

Of course they didn't have my size (fricken 13 thank you) and they are getting them "from the other store" so I can go try them on tomorrow. (Yes Amy, I'll see you there.)

I don't usually go all geopolitical and everything, but what the heck is wrong with all the folks in violent (people are dying, buildings are burning = violent) protest about the racist cartoons in the Dutch newspaper. OK, OK, so it is a grave insult to your religion perpetrated by a newspaper in a free country, but does that mean that people have to die because you are insulted by a cartoon? Really? Grow up and learn how to register your disgust, revulsion, and insult in productive ways. Violent protests and absolutist demands for "apologies" from governments are too much. Note to everyone: You and your religion (or lack thereof) will be mocked by the rest of everyone at some time. It's childish and hurtful, but it does not give you a licence to kill. Everyone is entitled to their beliefs no matter how much other people might not agree, but no matter what you can't kill innocent people because you were offended. Got it? Good. (Yeah, I know. Very few of the people in violent protest read the Flaming Scroll of Doom, but they really should.)


Anonymous said...

Hey Bob,
I was puzzling how to get you a discount over there, but now that they know all about you I dont' think I can, sorry.
I'll see you tomorrow, though!

Anonymous said...

Amen, Bob! About the whole violent idiots. Unfortunately, that kind of attitude goes with the whole supremist attitude that they are better than everybody else.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the Spanish Panic! It's been a long time since I've done that dance! And in long robes and a long fake beard, no less!
Aside from that, you said out loud (well, in print) a lot of stuff that has been floating around in my head -- thanks.
Oh, and heh-heh -- you said "balls" -- heh-heh.

Unknown said...

Having a supremist attitude is not the way to go, not for ANYBODY. This atheist says we are all equal in the eyes of the pathogens that kill us.

Unknown said...

This fellow says it better: