Sunday, July 16, 2006

Holy crap I'm dripping!

So I worked all day in the front yard today. It was roughly blast furnace temperature out there. (OK it was probably in the low eighties but I was in full sun most of the time.) Miraculously, it doesn't look different at all. I installed a two circuit drip system giving each and every plant its own little custom water supply.

I used a lot of 1/2 G/Hr drippers (like about 40), about 40 1 G/Hr, and a handful of 2 G/Hr. There's two kinds of tubing, wee little connectors, all the hardware you see in the picture and wires and PVC pipe and even little wire loop thingys to hold the tubing in one place. The valves and pipe I put in weeks ago, and I already had circuits left on the controller. If you plan to do this yourself remember: It is a really big project that no one will ever see and if it is successful no one will notice the system at all. Extreme gratification will be yours when you realize there are no weeds in your lush garden.

If you recall how many plants we planted please call me because I apparently can't count that high. All of the tubing is cleverly hidden under the mulch so all you can really see are the two automatic valves and the pressure regulators and the filter gizmos. I even set up a new schedule on the valve controller. (That was harder than it sounds.) As you can see from the picture, the next big project is to paint the house. This project will mostly involve writing a large check and choosing colors. Since I am colorblind I get a free pass on the color selection part.

Then I washed the Suburban. That thing has more surface area than all the supermodels in San Francisco.

Yesterday while Andy and I were making a superduper CB radio mount for the truck, a little tiny bug came to visit us and hung around on the wire fencing on the little gate. He(?) was pretty quiet and didn't *bug* us much.

Other than that it's been lonely without the ladies here this weekend. They headed to Renfaire in San Luis Obisbo for the weekend and half of Monday. I need to get myself into more of these things instead of standing around in the hot sun... Oh yeah, you do that at Renfaire too.

Bad movie night coming up on Friday. Don't say you weren't warned this time. We'll be watching The Warrior And The Sorceress with David Carradine. Grace, I'll save a seat for you on the couch.

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Anonymous said...

I'd be glad to watch it again with you. We could do the Mystery Science Theatre commentary throughout the movie. :)