Saturday, July 01, 2006

Woo Hoo!

Mouse is back!

Plus the flowers are really coming out all over the place! Here are a few pix.

The yard is getting even more done. We put some canna plants around the Buddah. We got the bamboo things from Ikea thinking that spending $35 on those would be far easier and cheaper than building a half round planter. I'll be building gates this weekend out of a large pile of wood. Today we got a couple of flagstones and moved two of the ferns. I also put in a post. (exciting, I know)


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous flowers!

Anonymous said...

And Mows es bak!!! I know you know 'cause I not only read it here, but I saw that you posted a comment on Mows' site! WooHoo, Mows es bak!!!