Friday, December 29, 2006

In her majesty's secret service

Preparations continue atwitter for several parties. New Years, Naughty French Postcards, and Other Books, all about two weeks apart. We started by cleaning the floors in the family room, dining room, and kitchen. It wasn't pretty. Some furniture re-arranging, and some more vacuuming is still to go. Perhaps we'll even fix a few things and paint the kid's bathroom (but not tomorrow).

I worked on training Amy to drive a manual transmission car. Nobody died. We're likely going to loan her our spare car while she gets a new one since her old one done died.

Actually did some yard work today, walked the doggies, and all that other stuff.

I kinda took the week off from looking for a job since so many people are off work, but I did have a great phone interview which will lead to some in person interviews next week. It would be at Siemens Medical Systems Ultrasound Division (yeah, a little company) in Mountain View. The position is for precisely what I do, and they sound like they really need my skills. I'm hopeful.

See you all soon.


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Have I said 'thank you' enouogh? Cause' I don't think it's possible.
Oh patient, kind, village elder Bob.