Thursday, December 07, 2006

In which I relate the events of the future

I was talking with some folks today and I realized that I have been unemployed for three months. I've gotten a lot of stuff done around the house but I'd rather be at work. I'm certainly not desperate but I am becoming more "focused" lately.

Focus point one: Physical space. My desk (where I try to find a job from) was a total cluster fuck wreck. It was located right by the front door in the midst of the full chaos of the house. I moved my work area and improved the whole lot by building a new desk. There's even a place for the dogs to sleep underneath it so we could get them out of the back porch. I even have a view now. See?

Focus point two: Process. I committed to my Zip Team that I would do the first thing that was necessary in my marketing plan: identify target companies. I have been promising to do this for an embarrassing length of time. I finally got off the dime and started. Goal is to finish the list Friday night.

Focus point three: Commitment. I have been half-assing (Yeah, I made up that word. You got a problem with that?) the job search process by only working on it a few hours a week. NO MORE. Full time on the project is my new plan. I may even keep track of my hours to keep myself on target.

Focus point four: It's pushing midnight. SLEEP!


Anonymous said...

Go Bob! And hell, you needed some time to loaf.
(loaf=build an insane amount of stuff, do a play, raise kids, etc)

Anonymous said...

Wow. You're being all, like, adult and stuff.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hey Bob:

I liked your "cluster-fuck" comment - sounds familiar!! By the way, if you are interested, check out this dude's blog - his name is Todd Downing - at

He's quite a guy - he's a widower who lives in Seattle (I made his virtual acquaintance through a "widda" support site and he's also a creative type like you actor/filmmaker/director/producer also web designer/video game designer, etc. I think you have things in common - jobwise, interest-wise - just a thought.

I love your blog!!

Karyn Ann Bosso

Unknown said...

Well, I do have SOME gray hair Grace. :-)