Tuesday, December 12, 2006

One more time

So it's my Birthday. Here are my Big Plans:
  • Deposit unemployment check
  • Walk dogs (done)
  • Look for job (procrastinating more than a little here)
  • Sleep in (done)
  • Happy hour (very nicely done)
  • Check up on all my internets buddies (done)
  • Dinner with the family
  • Festive beverage
So wish me luck on all the un-done stuff and maybe for another year too. Ladies, if you're feeling frisky you can flash your bubbies at your computer monitor in my honor. Extra credit if you are at work.


Anonymous said...

Happy ( . )( . )day, I mean Birthday.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Bob, happy bday. Sylvia, Natalie and I were just looking at your boobs and thought we'd yank your chain.

Toodles from the old crowd.

Laurie said...

Does reading your blog while naked count?

Happy birthday.

Unknown said...

It certainly does Laurie.

Anonymous said...