Friday, October 19, 2007

Fun at Faire

In contrast to all the non-fun that I had at faire last year. THIS year, I have had fun. Lots of fun.

Step 1 - Middle Class, not noble. I just couldn't carry off the improvisation without the history and remembering lots of names and other facts that would make it work. In Middle Class, the costume is more comfortable, the acting is easier and I can be more at ease.

Step 2 - Keep moving. Staying stuck to one place isn't as much fun as hamming it up in the street.

Step 3 - Pick a role that you can really inhabit. I'm playing a steward - the fellow in charge of the lord's household. That suits me. I end up playing *host* a lot, which I really like to do anyway.

Tomorrow morning we leave for Folsom Faire, the last renaissance faire this year. I'm looking forward to it for the playing and for being with friends. In two weeks - Dickens Christmas Fair begins, well workshops start, and that's when the fun begins anyway. Wheeeeee!


Kate Schmidt said...

You still need a better hat.

Unknown said...

Yeah. I really do.