Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Yay it works again!

Our router here at the casa was going sicko on us about a few times a month, then a few times a week, then about five times a day. Internet connection would drop and sadness would grip the household. So we got a new one. Of course it arrived while I was at work, then since I stopped along the way home to pick up a pop up travel trailer, Andy got home from work first and proceeded to set it up and rescue us from disconnection hell.

Oh yeah, the trailer. It's a biggun as far as popups go and we're storing it for a friend. So I backed it into the driveway. Yes, it was tricky. It involved 2X6's and a neighbor. There is a reason that I'm not a professional trailer backer upper.

And our honorary daughter Amy pointed out that I failed to blog about the gardening exploits in the pool yard. So here goes:
Medium sized tree - out
thorn-less fruitless overgrown blackberries - out (Sharon did this and it was amazing)
Fence - built
Gate - built
7 plants - planted (I only dug two holes on this one)
drip system - check
pavers - check
GIANT pile of brush to be removed - still in the yard


Anonymous said...

So the reason for blog posts being few and far between is because you've been busy with real life things?

I guess we can let it slide. The lack of blogging.

Unknown said...

Kinda. It seems that the more "life" you have the less you have to blog about since it ("life" that is) can be boring to your readers, and we all know how much I like to be boring.