Saturday, March 01, 2008

In which I boast (again)

Here at the casa, I get called on to fix the things that break. I can't fix everything and there is a backlog sometimes, but every once in a while - this is the best part - the repair looks harder than it actually is and I get bonus Mr. Fixit points. To wit, dead laptop charger plug.So that wasn't that hard and the customer was delighted.

Did you know that I can sew? Of course you did. I probably told you myself. Just to keep my sewing chops I made the missus a chemise for Dickens Fair. Truth be told it looked like it would be easy but it was a good challenge. I can point to a dozen flaws that you would agree mark it as the work of an amateur. Nonetheless I think it's pretty spiffy and I can't wait to see it worn and not by the dress form.
It has fancy pin tucks that make it look more deluxe. As you can see, my pin tucking skills are "developing".
I also make a great martini.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Bob. You make us all look bad.

And you forgot to mention you got my files off my old resurrected hard-drive for me.

That customer was also satisfied.


Anonymous said...

What? No picture of the martini?