Sunday, April 19, 2009

I'm a hottie, with wood

It's finally hot enough. We went swimming today, in the solar-heated wonder. It was teh funzorz. I've had enough 50 mph winds for a while. Let's just keep this weather for the next five months, OK?

We said goodbye this morning to our friends who are moving to a farm in Ohio. They are going to make goat cheese. The cost of living there is way less than here. I wish them well.

And later today (in a few minutes!) I'm starting on my biggest woodworking project ever - building three folding tables and four folding benches for Renaissance Faire. I started by buying ~$500 of wood. So now, I've got wood. I'll post pictures of my wood later.


Anonymous said...

It's not bigger than the HOUSE, which was a very big woodworking project, wouldn't you say?


Unknown said...

Yeah, but that was 1997!