Monday, April 06, 2009

Rum & Coke

I wish the Coke was the kind made with sugar instead of HFCS.

It's been so long, I get to wondering how you people even get to sleep at night without a missive from me. Here is the catch up:

1. I had a dream last night about how difficult it was to get our instrument to work with Macintosh computers. Since we are running a .NET application and we have at least three hardware drivers, all Windows, it was very difficult involving lots of things that only exist in dreams, like cross-platform hardware adapters.

2. I don't think we are going to get another dog. Do you want to buy a very slightly used crate?

3. We got a new garage door. Now, I know what you are thinking, "YAWN!!", but really it is SO MUCH better than that old piece of crap door that was the original plywood tilt up jobber that was layered up with paint and supported on Frankenstein hinges. OMFG the new one is so nice. Steel inside and out with a foam core. Bonus - it is about one foot higher in the garage so you can move big stuff around with ease. No more greasy Frankenstein!!!

4. I discovered yesterday that I plumbed the solar panels backwards - the cold water is supposed to enter the bottom and exit hotter at the top - but I'm having a hard time believing that this is the cause of the back pressure being too high in the system. I think the solar panels mey be clogged with scale. :-(

5. I ordered a couple of windows for the house. It seems like the whole house is wearing out all at once. Next we have to paint. Did I mention the failed sprinkler valve solenoid?

6. My movie is about to start. Bye.


Pamela said...

I hate it when I dream about work. The only thing worse is dreaming about getting ready to go to work; then the alarm goes off and I have to start all over again.

Chip said...

"then the alarm goes off and I have to start all over again."

God, I HATE when that happens!!!


Jeffrey J. Hoover said...

You do know that you can get coke form Mexico that has sugar, right? Yum....

Available at Costco, but it's like 3x $$

Fezziwig said...

I read somewhere yesterday that Coke make a special Kosher for Passover batch and sells it in bottle with yellow caps this time of year.
I haven't seen any yet, but I've not been looking hard either

Amy Liebert said...

I will always happily show up to help with things which require no skill whatever, like the bulk of painting. You probably don't want me around the edges or nuthin...