Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Clean up sports?

So I hear today that the smart guys in Washington DC are considering making federal law to prevent the big time sports players (Football, Baseball, Basketball, soccer?) from using steroids. The reasoning is the predictable "these players are role models for the kids and we can't have them juicing up!"

I got news for these people: The sports teams and the whole system of leagues, TV, and all that are one big entertainment conglomerate. So the logic goes that we can't have our entertainers (the star of the show) changing their bodies to enhance their performances, because the kids will think this is OK, and that is bad for them.

I got more news: The other entertainment businesses have bought into body enhancement hook, line and sinker and this is directly harming the fiscal, physical, and mental health of millions of kids and adults. Here's how:

Lets say you have a regular body. You know the symptoms: this droops a bit too much, that has some hair it shouldn't, the distance around this is too much, the distance around those is too little, these poke in instead of out, that doesn't do what it is supposed to like it did when you were 16. Well, that isn't good enough and you are a doofus for not doing something about it like getting plastic tits, laser treatments, some pills and creams, and a million other interventions to keep you from being normal. Why are you inferior? Because you are not like the people on the big screen, the slick magazine in the checkout line, or the people sitting in the private jet at the other end of the airport. And the entertainment industry makes sure that you hear about it a hundred times a day.

So you diet, even if your BMI is 22. If you are young and have the right disposition you kill yourself, even though you have your whole imperfect life ahead of you. If you are like most folks you feel perpetually inferior and kind of uncomfortable about it. If you have the cash you go to a surgeon to sculpt you into a hottie. If you look better than some other poor slobs you taunt them with your hotness. All of this makes everyone feel great. Not.

So next the congress will outlaw silicone and viagra in the porn business right? Why not, that is a $56,000,000 (worldwide per year) industry, and that makes it fair game for regulation right? From an article..."In the U.S. alone, porn revenue is more than movies and box office receipts, more than income from the performing arts, and more than earnings of professional football, baseball, and basketball combined. Globally, adult entertainment revenue is twice that of Disney."

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