Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Silver plated cheerleaders

Great title huh? I'm thinking of creating a site where you can buy GreatTitles(tm) for you blog posts. Here are eleven free samples:
  1. Ohmyfukkinggod Steve Jobs is a troglodyte
  2. Tuna before bedtime, the fantasy
  3. Sugar Pushers
  4. Cleave unto my plow
  5. After the procedure
  6. Rhode Island Punks
  7. Bigger, Larger, Fuller, Wide Open
  8. The Bender and the Bendee
  9. Jay Leno looked under my hood
  10. Strappy, like the Manolo
  11. This is gonna leave a mark
This business will be bigger than a sock puppet in 1999. Any of you want to invest?


Anonymous said...

That's pretty good. I don't think it's as good as my Killer App. It's "", where you tell me what you're thinking of naming your baby and I tell you whether or not that name sucks.

Anonymous said...
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