Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Song of the South

When your name is Robert E Lee Collier, people think you are from the south, or at least that you have heard about Sherman's march to the sea. I'm here to tell you it aint true. I am not from the south, despite there being a Collier county in most all the southern states, and the Robert E Lee thing. And I don't know jack about Sherman's march. Long time ago, like four generations ago, my family was from the south; Georgia I think. But that's irrelevant now, at least to me anyway.

Housing in the rural south is wicked cheap. I picked up the Danville KY, local paper and tabulated the home prices. (No not the minifarms and trailers, real houses.) The average is $84K. That is out of the the seven listed. The most expensive one is $115K and is a 3 bedroom 1 bath, all brick house, with a carport.

I can't say I dislike the south in general. The land is pretty, here in Kentucky and Tennessee, anyway. The people are friendly, but not any friendlier than in the other places I have traveled. There does seem to be lots of churches, but it is the "bible belt" after all and churches are OK with me as long as people inside don't cast aspersions on me for not joining them. I really do not like the smoking. (See previous post) But I suppose that is the same everywhere too.

I can say though, without a doubt, the rural redneck fellas are tedious. What with the big ol pickups, trucker caps, "git 'r done" attitude, country music played real loud so y'all can enjoy it with them, etc., etc..

Well, now that I got round to actually complaining about something, my work here is done. Tomorrow I return to the land of fruits and nuts, home sweet home.


Anonymous said...

Y'all callin' us fruit-n-nuts?

Ah thank that's ruuuude!

Unknown said...

How many fruits do you know, and how many nuts do you know, and how many "regular" people do you know. Do the math. I bet the ratio is like 1:1:2. Ergo, the land of fruits and nuts, since half of the people are fruity or nutty.

By the way, I like fruity and nutty people, which is why I live here.

Anonymous said...

Okay, when you're right, you're right.