Wednesday, May 18, 2005

No Smoking

I'm on company travel in the south this week, Kentucky to be more specific. The thing about the states other than California (the good state) is that y'all can smoke pert near annywhur. This means that there is a smoking "section" in the restaraunts that is usually "all those tables right there" a few feet away from the non-smoking "section". The best part is that even in the non smoking section you can still smell the lovely acrid stench of the cigarettes.

I checked into my hotel motel last night to find out that my king size non smoking room was actually a queen sized SMOKING room. Needless to say it stank like the mother of all ashtrays. We were not impressed.

And in case you are thinking that they can spell good here, I saw a county vehicle this morning decked out with the phrase "Code Inforcement". Nuff said.

Well, time to git 'r done.


Anonymous said...

This is why we need to stress to all the Alabamians in "The Miracle Worker" that they need to switch their short E's and I's. An' ah'm reel sahrry ya'll [sic] hayd ta sleep in a smohkin' rhoom. Hope yew switched to a differnt rhoom befahr yew wint ta sleep.

Anonymous said...

Can I git a whitniss? Ah just noticed thet mah privious post wuz saved!

Unknown said...

Thar wuz no uther ruums. Mih waaf sugessted that I shudduv aksed fer ruhplacemint lininns. Daang! Ah shudda thought of that.

Anonymous said...

See, that's why you should always travel with a pushy,uh, determined, woman.Love, yer waaf