Sunday, May 07, 2006

Bad Movies and Dancing Faeries

Friday we were able to convince eight of our friends to come over and watch the worst movie of all time, The Rape of the Vampire by some French dude. It was his first film and it looked like an experiment in no-budget cinema with the added bonus of an incomprehensible plot, terrible "music" and amazingly bad acting. There was random nudity, but it was so wierd that it wasn't even sexy (well not much anyway). If you are having a bad movie night, this is the film to get.

We arrived fashionably late last night to the PEERS dance. It was lots of fun. I even danced a polka. We got pretty tuckered out from all the fun, but we had enough energy to stay up till the wee hours with festive beverages, hot tubs and lots of giggly fun. We had a few friends over to help us celebrate the evening. It could have been more fun, but not much.

(Thanks for the excellent picture Peter!)


Anonymous said...

You guys get my vote for Redwood City's cutest couple.

Anonymous said...

Is that a spoon in your pocket or...nevermind.

Unknown said...

Funny thing is the outfit had no pockets until the girls decided that I HAD to wear pants over my tights and bike shorts. Apparently they thought it was TOO faerie without pants. Sheesh!

Anonymous said...

well, regardless, you both look smashing.