Monday, May 01, 2006

Giant Party Thingy

Well, after a whole day of cleaning up the yard, as planned and heralded heretofore, we partied. It was fun. There was nekkid swimming, drinkies, extreme croquet, drinkies, yummy snack foods for lunch and dinner, drinkies, hot tubbing with a whole bunch of people all at once, strawberries and cream on nipples (relax it was guys not gals), drinkies, and plenty of smiling and laughing. Here are a few of the 52 pictures I took. I stopped taking them eventually because I kinda forgot. Too bad the party ended prematurely after only eleven hours.


Anonymous said...

I KNOW pictures were taken of the whipped cream and nipples (and dogs!) Where are they?!?


Unknown said...

Safe at home.