Saturday, May 27, 2006

Our day

In 1984 it was pretty warm today here where we are. We had gotten everything prepared, including asking the neighbor to move the calf away from the corner of our fence that was right near the patio. The house belonged to my soon to be mother in law then. We set up a huge party awning over the patio which turned out to be perfect since it was actually 105 degrees on the day.

The morning arrived and final preparations were done and everyone arrived. There were so many people there, some have passed away, some we simply have lost touch with, many more we still call our friends.

That day was about us, and our promises to each other, and our hopes for the future. It was a wonderful day, we danced, people cried, we ran out of beer in the heat, had our picture taken a couple of hundred times, cut cake, and lounged on the lawn late into the evening. It was in fact a beautiful and special day that I will always remember.

We have remembrances from that day; rings, gifts, pictures, our wedding clothes. But mostly what we have is between us in our minds and hearts. It lives in our children and is expressed in our home together. It isn't perfect, sometimes it makes us cross, but it is our love and our life together. We share it and care for it together. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.


Anonymous said...

I remember that day because we had to put ice into buckets with fans on them under the last minute awnings! If is wasn't for that, we wouldn't have been able to dance. What a fun and sweet day to remember. Happy anniversary Bob and Sharon. I still can't believe dad got so drunk he was puking in the bushes by the fence. Love to you both, sis.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary (again):)

Anonymous said...

OMG, How did I let that go by?
Happy Anniversary!!!!!!

Just think, your marriage is as old as I am! ;-)

Unknown said...

Thanks for reminding me of how young I am Amy.