Saturday, May 20, 2006

Double Trouble

We watched Flesh Gordon last night. What a stupendously cheesy flick. We had a whole pile of friends (OK like about 14) to help us witness the debacle. It was a blast including festive drinkies and hot tubbing and goofy posing with the fake foam boobies.

There was even a last minute Marie Antoinette challenge using Sharon's big champagne glass, but I'm not posting that picture unless Laurie begs me to. Tonight we are redeeming ourselves by watching The Lion In Winter.

I did lots of plumbing work this afternoon (after I woke up) to get hose bibs and some automatic sprinkler valves in the right places in the yard to keep our nifty new plants watered. Next it's some drip system stuff to get the water from the pipes to the plants. It'll be superdandy.


Anonymous said...

Dammit! I HATE it when I have to leave early!


Unknown said...

We'll try to schedule the debauchery sooner in the evening for you.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Me too! I got to watch the ultra-cheeziness, but I missed debauchery. Ah well, next time, perhaps.