Tuesday, June 13, 2006

stuff and nonsense

Well, the ladies went to Valhalla and had lots of fun after the graduation thingy. Two down, one to go for the public school thing.

Before they left we went out to lunch with to celebrate Andy's graduation. Here are the boys celebrating. That's Sharon's little brother Scott (or Uncle Sock to the kids).

So during the weekend I put in a few plants, went to Home Despot and bought a bunch of man stuff, dug two three-foot deep holes and planted some pressure treated posts to hold up the gate I still have to build. I made a fairly elegant (if I do say so myself) mailbox holder upper.

Then I put in a bunch of metal fence posts to hold up the wire fencing that the plants we still have to buy and plant will grow into. There was painting and staining and a few festive beverages in there.

The yard is really starting to look like Charlie Dimmock and her friends came by and visited, except there isn't a nifty water feature except for the little fountain we have.

We even squeezed in a movie that wasn't nearly bad enough to qualify as a bad movie. (Bloodrayne) I plan to make up for that by hosting my friends to watch The Curse of The Erotic Tiki. Wanna come over for that? (I'll preview it first and find out if it is too much skin to be funny. If so we'll see something else.)


Anonymous said...

Well, it's obvious that I just need to move out there so I can hand out in your backyard and watch bad movies with you guys. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

hang, not hand.

Anonymous said...

Charlie Dimmick huh? Of course I'm sure you're only thinking of her immense...umm...gardening skills!

Unknown said...

Actually, I was thinking of her pleasantly unrestrained (. )( .) but now that you mention it I suppose she gardens too.

And Grace you're welcome to come and hand/g out with us any time.