Monday, June 05, 2006


I had my first ever time as a participant at a Renaissance faire this weekend at Valhalla at Lake Tahoe. In a few words it was; fun, tiring, hot, fun, and fun. I have always felt ambivalent about Faire, I want to participate but I don't feel I have the history background or improvisational acting skills to excel at it. (And we all know how competetive I am)

This weekend in the Queen's court as a noble (cousin of the queen no less!), was still fun in spite of me not knowing anything about my character except my name (Baron Hunston) and my relationship to my stage and real-life wife, the lovely Baroness Hunston (or Sharon as I call her). Despite me not knowing what to say, where to stand, how to move, or how to hold (or even put on) a sword, everyone welcomed me and I felt appreciated. That was nice of everyone even though I was just walking scenery.

My thanks to Lisa who lent me the perfect costume, and my many thanks to Anton who taught me everything I now know about swords, precedence, and frogs. I'd have been lost without you both.

One more thank you has to go to my precious wife who encouraged me to come along and with whom I was very proud to share the stage. I hope to do it all again soon.

I almost forgot. I didn't see any (. )( .) at faire. I saw some ladies that appeared to be smuggling melons through the shire, but no (.)(.)s. Ladies, just look down and imagine that it was hot and dusty. Guys, better luck next time.


Anonymous said...

Bob you look positively dashing!

Unknown said...

Thanks Cyn. :-)