Thursday, July 20, 2006

Self Indulgence Thursday

This is my answer to that self portrait Tuesday thing I can never seem to remember to participate in.

So like about twice a year, just at this particular stage of getting over a cold, for a few hours, I can smell things just as well as normal people. It's kind of like putting on you glasses (for you laser radial keratotomy surgery type people glasses are the things you once spent all that money for so people would say , "cool glasses" but you not quite so secretly hated them so much you were willing to undergo unpleasant procedures to rid yourself of the damned things forever, FOREVER do you hear me!) (for those of you at the tender age of less than several decades and your perfect eyes have not begun to betray you just like your now luxurious non-grey hair also has not, glasses are something you wear over your eyes to make everything (except your body and hair) look like you were 15 again) (for the rest of you I wear contacts/glasses and my diopter numbers are both less than 1, so, "Nyah!") just for a few minutes so you can see all the beautiful and ugly things around you sharply, but then taking them off for six months at a time.

That's why I could smell doggies who needed a bath in the next room (!) this morning when I usually can't hardly smell them when they are in my lap. I'm not sure if my condition is good or bad but it sure seems permanent. I supppose it has prevented me from becoming a gourmet giving much thought to food. Sure enough by 10 am my uncaring nose was back to "normal".


Anonymous said...

I don't know which is worse, smelling too much or not smelling at all.

Now for a funny story. I had a friend in high school who lost the ability to smell. It was the side effect of a medicine she took as a child. However, we could always say to her, "Hey R, how does this smell to you?" and she would always attempt to smell whatever it is you were holding. Then she'd realize she couldn't smell and get mad. Worked every time.

Anonymous said...

My sinuses are HORRIBLE, and to me there is nothing worst than- not being able to not smell- but not being able to breath through your nose. It makes life miserable. I would much rather smell too much, or be able to breath, but not be able to *smell*. Does that make sense??
Back to my coffee...