Sunday, July 23, 2006


It was FAR cooler today. What a relief. It was only 103.

We did some retail therapy, looked at a house our friends are selling, and floated in the pool. We had one of our Lisa friends over, had a little dinner, and generally did very little. I did manage to fix a screen door and trim back some rampaging bushes, but I skipped the foot-high "lawn". There's always tomorrow when it won't be so damn hot.

Note to all those pissed off people in the middle east, sub-Saharan Africa, Indonesia, and all those other fine places where moms and kids and dads are getting murdered for political gain:
Stop killing each other you fucking barbarians. Sit down and work it out. Just how fucking hard could it be, really? Need more land that some special deified person walked around on a really long time ago? Work out a fucking schedule already. Need more political power? Set up a transparent democracy so you can get a mandate from the people who really matter. Don't like it that other governments think you are hostile muderers? Suck it up until you change their minds. How many more decades are you going to keep pretending that your religious story trumps theirs? How many more thousands of your people have to live in fear and die in poverty to serve some ancient grudge? Make something useful. Do something positive. Give things away. Most of all: Stop Threatening Everyone you disagree with with unilateral death sentences just for getting up in the morning and having breakfast at home. NOBODY in their right mind thinks that's OK you fucktards.

I'm sure that will help a lot.


Anonymous said...

I don't think I can properly express my jealousy over your pool. Must make it a priority to visit Bob next summer for pool and (.)(.).

Anonymous said...

You always have the right answers for everything, Bob.


Unknown said...

Thanks Peg. I know I do. :-)