Wednesday, September 03, 2008

El Puerta Grande

Yeah, so the doors... They look like this now.

Not surprisingly it was a lot of work to get this far:
Get some doors, door framing and a bunch of hardware - check
Demolish existing plaster wall without making a mess of the rest of the house - check
Demolish existing frame - check
Go to dump - check
Go to Home Desperate and get more framing stuff - check
Calculate and triple check all the numbers for how it will all fit - check check check
New framing and flashing - check
Build a threshold from a plank of oak - check
Modify door frame components - check
Make hinge mortising jig - check
Mortise door frames for hinges - check
Install door frame perfectly centered plumb and level and stuff - check
Install threshold - check
Set up doors for mortising
Discover matched doors are not really a matched pair after all
Return to Home Despot and return doors
Get new doors and some insulation too
Bring doors home and mortise them for hinges
Hang up doors

I was absolutely thrilled and relieved that the doors fit as well as they did.

Now all we need is exterior trim
Painting in and outside
Install the insulation and replace the wiring in that wall
Finish the wall with sheet rock, paint trim, etc etc.


Anonymous said...

OK. When you get done with that, wanna come build some new steps for the back deck at our house? :D

Jesslyn said...

Nice! Braver than I! John and I just finished our built-in stuff- I think your door sounded harder. =)
(I posted a pick is you wanna come look.)

Anonymous said...

Boy, you really make it sound HARD!! My dad always said to grunt a lot when you work, so people think you're working hard.


Amy Liebert said...

hot DAMN!