Sunday, September 21, 2008

If I write it, they will come

I don't mean it in that sense, of course.

But I was wondering what does it mean that I am writing about one post a week.
Too busy?
Disrespecting you loyal fans?
Nothing pithy on my mind?

I'll go with, I was working on finishing up those doors. They are painted on the inside and primed on the outside. The plan is to have the house painted sometime soon before monsoon season and we're just priming the new stuff for that. The other thing to do is to replace the kitchen window similarly so we can finish the outside and get it ready for paint. We should also replace that siding too and remove the window on the back porch that is mostly covered by cabinets. I think it will be just about the end of the year before all that comes to pass... Houses are a lot of work. I suppose I could PAY someone to get it all done, but that would break a lot of longstanding habits.

Oh and the wall is now insulated!!! Hooray! Tonight we dance - tomorrow we hang sheetrock!

Subject change:
When I started writing all of this nonsense it was because I was trying to be hip, because I sensed that there was a great big interwebs world I was missing out on and that I was just a noob. I quickly came to depend on it as an outlet for creative thoughts, for ranting a little, for telling a joke or two, and for relaying news of my latest "adventures" like building stuff.

I got a little carried away in the beginning. Now I think, sometimes, that I'm phoning it in now and again. But when the thought crosses my mind to hang it up, I hear Ricky Ricardo in the distance, "Bob! You got some splainin to do!"

So I'll keep coming back here and writing "it". I just need you all to keep coming back to read it too, OK?


Anonymous said...

Bob, you could easily turn this blog into a home renovation blog, which is just as interesting to me as knitting blogs. I find it very inspiring. So yes, keep phoning it in.

Jesslyn said...

You keep posting, I'll keep reading. =)


Anonymous said...

Of course we'll keep coming back...

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

I am reading your missives on the intartubes

Anonymous said...

I'm in! -tj