Sunday, September 07, 2008

More of the same

Well, despite having no pictures to show for it, I have made more, and I might add STUNNING progress on El Puerta Grande. There is now exterior trim - and we all know how important trim is. There was lots of little fiddly patching with wood filler and the ever delightful sanding. So from the outside it looks like unpainted doors in a primed frame.

But I digress.

So yesterday we went to San Jose (leaving the house was scary, but we had a map) for Aunt Mary's memorial. There were lots of hankies at the service and about 200 people there in the church. After the service we all headed over to Mary's house a few blocks away. What can I say, it was a time where you are happy to see all of your relatives, and you all say that you are there to celebrate your lost love one's life, but deep down it really reminds you that she is gone.

My older blood relatives are down to less than a handful. Mom's still there, one last aunt and two uncles. Unless something really unusual happens, I'll be attending their memorials too someday. Eventually (in twenty or forty years) all the fresh faced kids that were there yesterday will attend something to remember me. Only it won't be in a church. And I better come up with some behaviors that they'll remember as endearing or it will be a very short memorial.

And how about those funny political candidates? I'm voting for the guy with the stick-out ears. I sure hope enough people in those other states do to.

I haven't written any poems in a while. That's good for me since I only wrote them when I was depressed, but bad for you 'cause I write such awesome poems. Maybe next time.


Unknown said...

Prince Charles?

Unknown said...

Yeah, that guy.