Tuesday, September 30, 2008

In which I flash my stash

Got wood?

I know it kind of looks like bacon, but it's actually walnut. There was this little walnut tree back by the pool. After we took out the weedy plum tree (which dropped sour plums all summer onto the pool deck) there was the saddest walnut tree evar which leaned to the left about 45 degrees. Since the walnut trees are alleopathic we wanted it gone. So I cut it down.

Since the trunk was about five inches across, I decided to saw it up into some bits to make "something" out of. I have about eight pieces about an inch thick and about two to three inches across. I suppose I need to figure out what to make now.

There is enough to re-saw up into thin pieces so I could glue up a panel big enough for a serving tray. Maybe I'll serve walnuts on it.

And the doors are coming along nicely if a little slowly. Every day I try to make a bit of progress. All the hardware is there, the doors are painted, and the wall is nearly ready for priming. The picture below doesn't show the drywall compound.
One thing is that the adjacent wall (to the right) is going to get demo'd in the kitchen project, and I'm not finishing that edge. One of my gentle (and attractive) readers was by the other day and asked, "Are you really going to remodel the kitchen? You have been talking about that FOREVER."

Yeah. You got me there.


Amy Liebert said...

Wow, I'm impressed enough by the carpentry- but harvesting your own materials?

That's pretty hard core.

Or... soft core, I guess depending on the particular qualities of walnut at its core...

Anonymous said...

MMmmmm...bacon wood.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm still not gonna believe it 'til I see it...