Saturday, March 19, 2005

Bob the Builder

With a cold martini at hand I reflect on my glorious past.

People call me Bob the Builder when I build stuff. I have always built stuff. I got good at it early along and I have just kept working bigger projects up until I rebuilt the North end of our house.

Three bedrooms and two bathrooms gutted to the studs, demolish 80 square feet of illegal addition, add 130 square feet back onto the house, demolish and rebuild 1/3 of the roof, framing, electrical , plumbing, finish, and all that. Sharon loaded the 5 dumpsters. Now we have four bedrooms. It all works well and doesn't look like it wasn't that way from the start.

We had to do this and rebuild our enclosed porch too when the County inspector decided to do us a favor by writing us up for the 35 year old work that was done without a permit here at the casa.

When you come by I'll give you a tour.

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