Wednesday, March 23, 2005

I, Survivor

Spent the last two days with what seemed like 50 fourth graders, actually just 28, in the rain and mud escorting trudging them through the goldrush town of Columbia, then a night at a youth hostel, then the state capitol tour, then Sutter's Fort, then the Indian Museum, a little more Sutter's Fort, then the railroad museum in Sacramento. The bus driver George was really great. The sites were pretty neat. I especially liked the capitol. We almost got to meet the guvernator, but he was in Fresno. We did see his reception room. The kids seemed to like everything equally, but somewhat less than running around and talking too loudly in almost all circumstances. (though they were very well behaved at the capitol) There were two other dads and five moms along for the trip. Nice folks all. Glad to be back.

The hostel in Sacramento is an old mansion. Really cool architecture. The capitol building is a must see if you have political interests. Worth the trip alone. Sutter's Fort is pretty good, but definitely geared for school aged visitors. The adjacent Indian museum is small but full of artifacts. They make it pretty clear what the white man did to the natives when they arrived, and they don't pull punches. The railroad museum has about a dozen real locomotives and perhaps fifteen cars of various descriptions. My favorite engine is the one that is 1,051,800 pounds, and it is really huge and all black.

28 nine year olds! ... Am now having drinkie.

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Anonymous said...

DOOD, you went to most of the places that my fieldtrips used to go to see when I was in elementary school! The only major place that was left out was the fish hatchery at Nimbus Dam... wow, cool.