Thursday, March 31, 2005

Coed nudity

Now that I have your attention, here is the latest on the subjects.

Terry Schaivo died. I suggest making a living will and discussing it with your family. Looks like that would have saved mucho grief. The Pope appears to be hella sick. He will probably die soon. I hope HE has a living will. The fact that these people are really famous allows us to see their suffering, sometimes live on tee vee. That doesn't mean that the grief their loved ones feel is any larger or more valid. Your loved ones will hurt when you die too. Make it a little easier on them. A will (both kinds) is a good thing.

Apparently Iraqis still haven't formed a government, even 2 months after elections. Thing are slowly getting better I suppose, but they have a long row to hoe before it's all milk and honey. Meanwhile we are on the hook for huge efforts here. I sincerely hope that the Iraqis can transcend their tribal/ethnic/religious differences and create a functioning, durable, SECULAR government. I remain realistically skeptical.

Looks like the intelligence folks were flat wrong on the WMD thing. Funny that. I suppose the next time we get into this kinda situation we should throw in enough skepticism to keep us from having to change the fundamental reason we went to war after the fact. Just a suggestion.

Note from Sharon: Can we impeach Bush, 'cause he lied to us? When Clinton lied about his sex life, he got impeached, and no one even died. I figure we shouldn't do any less for Bush.

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