Monday, March 14, 2005

The latest theatrical gambit

Thespian News Flash! I'll be playing two small parts in the upcoming production of The Miracle Worker at Broadway West in Fremont. Apparently small parts are my forte. I have previously appeared as Boo Radley (seven words), Nathan Radley (about 15 words), Man Two (~ eight more words), and Link Dees (35 words), in To Kill a Mockingbird and... in Dracula I appeared as the amazing "Attendant" uttering a stultifying 23 words before my untimely death at the hand of the demented Renfield.

The real reason I'm in again is to lend a had to a great little theatre and to my good friend Troy.

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Anonymous said...

I apparently need to count your words and let you know how many there are, 'cause this role (this dual role) is going to decimate your word capacity thus far...