Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Emoticons are so Last Year. Boobicons are the new black. Here is the official reference table of boobicons.

(.)(.) Average breasts, small nipples just below center

(*)(*) Lifted breasts (place hands beneath breasts, lift)

(')(') Sky pointers, you know who you are

(' )( ') Wide sky pointers

(. )( .) Full breasts with small nipples that point to the sides

(o )( o) Full breasts with big nipples that point to the sides

( o )( o ) Really full breasts with big nipples pointing straight

I welcome your nominations to the reference table. And yes, I expect a comment riot on this one. And DON'T go posting any butticons or, saints preserve us, dickicons.

Lastly, the woman in the photograph is nobody I know. Type "boobs" into Google image search and you can get her picture too.


Anonymous said...

All Hail Bob!

You are my hero.

Anonymous said...

I think I need a copy of this for my exam rooms!

Unknown said...

Dawn, you will need this one too:
|.|(.) During mammogram

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bob.

steven streight said...

Here ya go, more complete list, with assicons and more:

steven streight said...

boobicons & more

steven streight said...

sorry, I didn't read the "and don't post butticons..."

my bad

feel free to delete