Sunday, June 18, 2006

happy father's day!

What a nice day indeed. It started well since we had a nifty party to celebrate our super nice front yard and the party lasted till after midnight, so that counts officially. We all watched a terribly bad movie, Quest of the Delta Knights filmed at Black Point Forest where the "real"renfaire used to be. It was an MSTK3 thing with the talking robots and all that. Deathstalker proved to be too much for most everyone.

We had plentiful drinkies and numerous humorous guests. Rydell almost got violent when I tried to give him a martini in a pink glass. He said, "Pink! Pink!" pointing to the glass. I quickly handed him a martini in a clear glass and he calmed right down. We also pajabbered our way through a big Costco jar of cashews, which Pete noted were Indian and he told us all about it in his best Indian accent. The laughter lasted till after midnight. We have some pretty nice friends. (thanks all)

Today dawned with a headache, oddly.

A few Many handfuls of glassware got cleaned up, I had some toast and a cup of coffee and I was ready for a big shopping trip. We got a bunch of regular stuff and an elephant, which was on sale and marked down for a chipped corner (score!). We also picked up some MORE plants (can you believe it people!?) which we promptly planted to grow into the wire fencing that I put in on Saturday.

The yard looks so good now we are fairly pinching ourselves. We had casual dinner for the second night in a row in our newest "room" of the house surrounded by our little jungle.

I had a few beautiful moments as well, my little one telling me I was the best dad in the world, and Sharon telling me precisely why I was the best father of all for her children. It's good to be me, especially today.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I missed the party. Sounds like you had a great Father's Day! ( . )( . )

Unknown said...

Yup I did. :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Fathers Day Bob!!

Anonymous said...

I want pictures of the elephant!

Anonymous said...

oh bob, where can I get a copy of the "quest for the delta nights"? too fun, since a lot of my friends were back ground crowd in the village.
sorry we missed the party (had a fun wedding to attend)


Anonymous said...

opps that was me Danielle

Anonymous said...

/\ them are some perky ones!

Heya Bob -- Sorry I couldn't make it down for movies -- I was in Sacto visiting the folks. Sounds like you had a great FD weekend, though. Cheers!