Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Tally Ho!

It's off to beautiful Mattoon Illinois next week on business. I generally don't like business travel. It has a tendency to be to places you would not have chosen for fun and the trips tend to be lonely.

In an effort to understand the locale that I am visiting, with a glass of port in easy reach, I checked out quite a bit of the web site content and the related sites. Mattoon has some 19,000 residents and the town dates back to the mid 1800's. Did you know that this is the site of the annual Bagelfest? Some of the related sites are, well, quaint. The fire department website is especially nifty.

Do you travel on business? Do you like to? What do you do to bring a touch of home with you?

Post your comments now, a fabulous prize goes to the first poster and the tenth as well!


Anonymous said...

I have no business, so I don't travel. I do, however, carry around three tiny plastic ninja figurines to protect me. When I'm doing tech for a show I always line them up near me in the booth. They ward off evil and mistakes.

Unknown said...

This means you get a fabulous prize. Damn. Now I have to think of something appropriate AND fabulous.

Anonymous said...

So does this make me the third poster, or the second...? Do your posts count, Bobster? I haven't had to travel for business for a long time, but I did once spend five weeks in Denver for work once. Three of us lived in a tri-level corporate condo, and that worked out well, since we each had our own space. Since it was an extended stay, I brought books and pictures from home to keep the space feeling more like it was mine... and borrowing a laptop helped since I could keep in touch a lot easier that way.

Unknown said...

My posts don't count, so you are the second poster. I'll have a laptop so I can stay in touch and I plan to write a witty post to the every day.