Saturday, April 02, 2005

Am having drinkie

This was one of those get-a-lot-of-things-done kind if days. Dogs getting shots, shopping, pope dies, gardening, boys having friends over, dinner, and now a martini.

Just because you are an atheist doesn't mean you can't grieve a bit for the pope. He was an energetic and beloved leader for the people of his faith. He really worked hard, harder than most of us ever will, to make life better for millions. The loss people feel now is the loss of a loved one. I hope I can positively affect the world of the people who love and respect me. That would be a great honor.

There are those that disagreed with the positions that John Paul II took. His conservative views were at odds with the realities of the world, at least as I see it. Some note that his teachings cost lives from AIDS, and that women suffered social and religious setbacks in his papacy. Some just disagree with the Catholic Church in general. (Me included)

I disagree with many of those who are in power, and I think harm comes from them too. I find some solace in the reason that JPII took his positions; he did so in the solemn belief that this was for the good of his people, not because it brought him more power or served his "base". Good form John.

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