Friday, April 29, 2005

First class is the shiznit

Got back yesterday from the far away eastern USA. Got up hella early (4 AM) to drive to the airport in Harrisburg PA, flew to shy-town (ORD) on the little plane, then on to San Jose FIRST CLASS cause there were no other seats when my tix were booked. Let me tell you; First Class > Coach. The food was good, the woman next to me was pleasant, the attendant was attentive, and the seat was Bob sized. I even got some work done.

Next time you have several many hundred bucks clogging up your wallet, fly first class.


Anonymous said...

The problem with first class is that once you've experienced it, you're physically unable to fly coach anymore.

Unknown said...

The WORST part is the looks you get from all those folks on their way to coach. Who in the fuck decided it was smart to load airplanes from the front door and send in the people sitting in the fron FIRST. Really, these people just clog up the aisle for all the nice people sitting behind them. I'd like to hear them say at the gate, "OK today we are going to begin by boarding the people in rows 16 through 24 first." PS, I'm so smart it stings.

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