Friday, April 15, 2005


The weather is improving so much that I am considering actually using my pool. This brings up the touchy subject that we all dread, what to drink poolside. This may sound simple to the unitiated, but it is really complicated.

Now to start with, martinis are straight out. It is simply too sunny by the pool to keep the martini at the right temperature, and since we rigidly enforce the no-glassware-for-the-drunken-swimmers rule, one imagines the martini-in-a-plastic-cup would be tres mal.

Beer? ... puh-lease. Think of the children.

Now rum drinks and chlorinated water have shared a long drippy union. So rum based things could really be where we are going. But I am thinking of the ultimate hot weather drink here...

Mint Julep.

Yes, the call of the southern belle, "Beauregard, I am so drunk and so hot! Ravish me like a southern landowner!" Now, that is what evenings by the pool are meant for.

On the other hand, the Mojito has an even more sultry southerly sway over the old taste buddies. Sitting by the pool with a Mojito has a decidedly attractive feel. Even better, sitting in the pool with one...

OK so it wasn't complicated or touchy. Sue me.

Now all this assumes that you will all be joining me here, at least in manageable groups. Call beforehand, have a designated driver, and bring a towel. See you by in the pool.


Anonymous said...

One word. Caipirinha.

That's all I'm sayin'.

Anonymous said...

Well, sure, a Caipirinha is deliciously great poolside, but cachaca (I don't know how to make that little comma under the third 'c' in that word) is hard to find (BevMo carries it) and expensive compared to the rum used in Mojitos... so I land on the side of the Mojito. Plus it's more fun to say than Caipirinha. PS -- MOS IS BAKK!!!!!

Unknown said...

sounds like I am going to need both of you and your repective beverages to make an appearance at the casa so we can have a TASTE TEST and then go for a dip. Am arranging schedule.