Sunday, April 24, 2005

Smoke gets in your eyes

Just got back from the Orion campout. It rained the first night but the tent, or Taj Majal as one camper called it, kept us nice and dry. The park isn't that far from the house and we only stayed two nights, but we had enough stuff that the Suburban was full without the rear seat and we had about 14 cubic feet of sleeping pads and a bike on the roof rack.

I don't know how these folks with the little Subaru's and two kids manage to survive. Perhaps they know how to say, "No, we are not taking that." And the best part of camping is smelling like smoke. Everything smells like smoke, even your toothbrush smells like the campfire.

But really the woods were mostly quiet and mostly beautiful. We had a good time with everyone, meeting new people whose kids now go to the school our once did. We are Alums now, and the new folks seek the traditions from us. That was nice.

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