Monday, April 25, 2005

Amish bloging

Who says there is no technology in Amish country. I am plucking this missive out in Lancaster PA, wireless no less, and the desk clerk even knew what Firefox was. I about dropped my buggy whip.

Don't get me wrong though, the hotel was built in 1969, and it really shows. It also has many strange smells, and the bar was obviously re-done in the early 80's.

But who cares? I'll only be here until the wee hours of Thursday.

Had dinner with two fellows who spend all their time on the road, and one more who is trying to spend less on the road. Plenty of stories.

Now, I must prepare for the morning visit to one of two printing plants in town!


Anonymous said...

Are you going to bring me some Amish martini glasses?

Unknown said...

No but I did have a Bombay Sapphire up with two olives in your honor. The don't have things like that here. The bible folks here apparently felt it was necessary to convince the printing plants (there are like six in town) that they should stop printing the Victoria's Secret catalog. I guessing the hot souveneir(sp) is a wooden contraption to help you frown better.